Life Lessons from Harvard business school class of 1963

Amazing list of life lessons from HBS present on this awesome site.

“My obituary will probably include a host of awards, high positions, and achievements, — and I’m proud of them. But there is a certain joy that surpasses all understanding. I would like to have found that.”

“Mistakes I’ve made:
Lack of an ethical compass“

“Success in business relies a lot on making sure your colleagues or employees share a good part of any success you may have. The mistake is to believe that you are more important than anyone else in the business.”

“Heed your life’s calling — that inner urge to give your gifts away. This requires being clear about your gifts, values, and passions, and using them as a compass to find your career path. It is an ‘inside-out’ process.”

There is no substitute for integrity. In a world where greed and taking shortcuts seem to be major themes, there is nothing that can replace one’s reputation. The ability to look back on life and say, “I did it the right way” is a treasure. There is no do-over when you lose your integrity and reputation.

One: No matter how successful you become, there is always someone more successful, so don’t take your own worth too seriously, nor become arrogant in its revelation.

Two: For a successful marriage, don’t eat crackers in bed.

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