Bringing semantic structure to Google Ads data [2020-2021]

Built a team to kick off project focused on building Knowledge Graph for all Ads data to increase better visibility of data and increase adoption of structured semantics & understanding in Google Ads.

Led B2B emerging solutions efforts in Google Ads [2020-2021]

Built and led cross-functional team focused on building new bets in B2B markets focused on creating new revenue streams in addition to Ads revenue.

End to End ML platform for Ads ML use cases in Google Ads [2018-2021]

Building a team focused on building end to end ML workflow with in Search Ads.

Specially focused on data and features exploration, data insights, data curation, TF training and evaluations and quality metrics. Lot of awesome challenges to fit solve for varied use cases and re-using plethora of ML toolchain available within Google.

My job generally is to drive the vision, execution of awesome team tying with real world use cases involving big data. (Daily 20+ TB, 1000s of models, millions on inference QPS)

Risk Engine (Fraud Detection & Prevention) [2015-2018]

Tech lead of Risk infrastructure team that handles fraud detection and prevention for all Google’s consumer purchases.

Built and led infra team for commerce fraud detection & prevention using ML. Keeping all of Google’s money ($120B +) safe.

Real time order processing system [2012-2015]

Tech lead of order processing system that handles all of Google’s consumer purchases.

End To End Validation Framework [2013]

Tech lead of project where we worked on a validation framework that reads in data from different data sources and joins them into a graph. Then, different sets of validation logic is run on this joined graph and any anamolies are captured and reported using email. This was used to write production validations in production running systems to validate different assumptions.

Wallet Objects platform [2013]

Tech lead of platform that allows third party merchants push Wallet objects like loyalty card details into Google Wallet ecosystem. These wallet objects are then surfaced using geo-fenced notifications or Google Now cards.

Client app was launched on Android and iOS.

Performance and Scale Team [2011]

Founding team member of Performance and scale team which worked on scaling up payments platform to support increasing growth.


  • Launching Android Market (former name of Google Play) to 30+ countries [2011]
  • Taking interviews since 2009


M.S. Computer Science LSU, USA

B.E. Information Tech. Mumbai, India