Startup Advice

Here are some of best advice I have heard from mentors and some created by me as I am building this startup:

  • Focus only on customer and value creation for them, nothing else matters.
  • Talk to as many customers as possible and learn what is working and how they are reacting as you tell them about what you can do.
  • If founder/CEO who is undoubtedly doing multiple jobs, keep identifying other folks so that you can keep firing yourself from jobs that you are doing.
  • Keep all your vested parties abreast through some regular channel like monthly newsletter. This is good place to let your champions know what help you need and how they can help.
  • Always be selling, always be closing. Everything from hiring to actually selling to potential customers, you need to be hyper observant of your closing and keep optimizing to make your sales pitch better over time.
  • Hiring right people is biggest leverage task. Always be hiring – one of those important but not urgent tasks but it takes such long time to close a hire that you need to always start early for any role.

Hope this helps someone else who is also building a company. I will keep writing these down as I find few minutes here and there.

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