Startup life so far …

Thought would capture current thoughts in my head for posterity about startup because later on story always gets muddy!

Positives of startup:

  • No ceiling – you are only limited by your time, creativity and everything around you.
  • Direct feedback – tight feedback loop from your environment. You quickly know what’s working or not working.
  • No single moment of boredom – especially if you are on founding team, there are always too many unknowns that keep things interesting and no shortage of problems to solve.
  • Every week, you meet crazy interesting people and get exposed to crazy challenges as long as you are putting yourself out there. Sometimes this can be dangerous if you don’t filter who you are talking to, but overall this has been amazing to see energy of like minded people trying to create value.
  • All startup founders help each other out without expecting anything in return, especially in silicon valley which is amazing camaraderie and I am proud to belong in that crew!

Challenges of startup:

  • No structure – startups can be all encompassing, especially if you don’t know how to pace yourself.
  • Early traction is crazy hard – specially if you are doing something for enterprises.
  • Lack of credibility – too much noise and short attention span of customers complicates our life.
  • Unknowns – No two startup follow same path even if they are operating in same space. There is just too much luck involved.
  • Everything is your fault if you are on founding team. All the blame, none of the credit – bane of being a leader.

Of course, these list can be 20+ bullets long, but I wrote this in between meetings really quickly to get something out there. Going back to building stuff and having fun!

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