Next chapter in life! 

After 14 years at Google, yesterday was my last day. I had decided to leave Google and start my own startup.

It’s been interesting past few months. Bittersweet to say the least because I practically grew up in Google. Google was my first job after graduating and I stayed there for 14 years. I kept changing my job profile and tried to be intrapreneur within Google but still well protected within Google walls.

During all these years, more than a decade (feels weird saying that), I kept in touch with startup community and always felt little jealous that I am not out there trying to build my own company. Part of it was green card scenario which led me to quit 6 years ago and move to India but big part of that was leaving cushy Google setup and I really had nothing to complain about at Google. My Google career was always in high gear picking one challenge after another. Just that for every challenge, 2-3 years would pass by trying to get it to work and get to stable sustainable state. I only recently realized that time flies by very fast and 14 years passed by kinda in a flash in Google. Time does fly fast when you are having fun!

Finally I decided to quit Google mothership and take the plunge into the startup world trying to build something without any constraints but of course without any resources of Google behind me either. Overall its been a very hard decision to move out of Google and see what rest of the world has it for me. Most likely it will be painful, but in my book that should hopefully be good kind of pain – kinda like growing pains!

Here is to a good checkpoint in life where I close one signnificant chapter in my life and start next chapter.

I will definitely try to write more often going forward just because it helps me organize my thought process.But, overall definitely, I am uncomfortably excited about what lies ahead.

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