Vision and Execution

Here is a great thread from Sam Altman that I found very relatable.

Some good advice for anyone trying to start something from scratch. Here are excerpts:

” It’s common to have vision; it’s rare to have plans.

Even fewer people are willing/able to actually execute on plans.

People who have a bold vision, specific plans, and execution ability can make magic happen.

For whatever reason, it doesn’t work as well when you have to split those three traits among multiple people. “

  • Mission—decade
  • Vision—3 years
  • Plan—6 months
  • Tactics—month

But you have to have measures (schedule, completion, success, revenue) that drive the cadence and the timing of “revisiting” is part of planning—when will you revisit matters. “

To close this, a great quote:

“Having a plan is worthless but planning is indispensable – D. Eisenhower”

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