Ideas sharing app

One of the ideas I was thinking would be nice is to create ideas sharing app. This app would allow getting feedback from friends and family around a business idea. General things this app should support:

  1. Text input field for an idea I want to submit.
  2. Creation of group of friends who I usually share an idea with for feedback.
  3. Same app should show my friend’s ideas in another tab.
  4. Allow users to comment on any shared ideas.
  5. Send notification to all users for every new idea or comment posted on an idea – default opt-out.
  6. Send transcript 1 week after last comment was posted so that idea stays in my email inbox
  7. Allow users to actually download all the ideas as text files in case they want to remove the app.

Anyone reading this, please leave your comment if you like this idea or what do you think about this?

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